March 13, 2017


Humorously, someone once remarked, "Egotism is obesity of the head." It is true that most of us have too big an appetite for 'appreciation.' In subtle ways (and in ways not so subtle) we fish for complimentary attention.

Christians, and especially Christian leaders, should deeply accept the fact that there is no spirit in man more opposed to the Spirit of God than the spirit of pride. The Holy Spirit is here to direct attention to Jesus Christ, not to the person entrusted with announcing Jesus' wonders.

Since 2001 C.S. LEWIS' renown book MERE CHRISTIANITY has sold 3.5 million copies in English alone. Historian George Marsden believes that one of the great strengths of Lewis' masterpiece was "his ability to stand aside and point toward his subject - rather than himself." He quotes Lewis as once saying "that a poet should not be saying "look at me," but rather "look at that." And so, in commenting on Lewis' skills as an author, Marsden goes on to remark that "Lewis acts like a guide on the journey from unbelief to faith. He points people to see, as he has, the time-tested beauty of God's love in Jesus Christ. Not everyone will see the beauty or be persuaded. But those who get a true glimpse will be drawn in by its power."

The Apostle Paul, great servant that he was, humbly said, "I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me." LOOK AT HIM, EXALT HIM, POINT TO HIM, LOVE HIM, COME TO HIM! God is not out to hurt our pride, He's out to kill it!

Dick Christen