January 12, 2017


Some appeal for prayer like if we get enough people we can gang up on God and tell Him He has to do whatever we tell Him. But, prayer is not imposing our wills on God but rather yielding to His will for us. Jesus taught us,"Thy will be done..." The Father willed hardship, suffering and death for His Son. Jesus learned obedience (in the practical sense) through suffering, so God's Word declares (Hebrew. 5:6). Even so, God works in our lives. He is more interested in our holiness than our happiness, in our faith than in our fun. He tries our hearts to teach us true faith. Nevertheless, along with the testings, joy bells keep ringing. "Rejoice evermore." And, a person of deep faith will do so even when the death chimes begin to sound. We must pray for His designs to be accomplished for His glory and our good. It's not so much, "Lord, make this person trouble free" as it is "Lord, help this person (comfort him, help him, heal him if You will because surely you can) but let Him see your holy purposes through it all."

-       Dick Christen