August 21, 2015


CHURCH IS GREAT for weekly worship but daily family and personal worship are also strongly stressed in God's Word. "How blessed is the man (whose) delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night" (Psalm 1:1,2). Every believer has the Holy Spirit Who enables us to read and understand Scripture (1 John 2:27). And so, anywhere and at any time (as often as we can, 24/7) we can sit, read, ponder and turn thoughts of  truth into praise, adoration, thanksgivings and exultations unto Jehovah God of the Bible - Father, Son and Holy Spirit! We are believer priests! I would prioritize this daily worship as more important than weekly, as vital as that (the weekly) should be. Today's Church too often behaves like 'big government.' It fancies itself to be the keeper of the keys whereby it can unlock all the mysteries of truth and also feels responsible to come up with all types of programming in order to meet ALL the needs of any person's spiritual life. The Church desperately needs to review its God ordained purposes. When ecclesiastical 'big government' steps aside or gets voted out, then individual responsibility will kick in and God's people will begin to take personal responsibility for walking with God. When the  Church gets this  straight, personal Godliness will increase. I see in such a change the beginnings of true revival. Nowadays the average church goer sits and soaks. The show starts and better stop within the hour. We clap and clap for each segment of the program, except when the preacher finishes. In some places the preaching becomes a 'guilt reducing' add-on because we don't want to forsake the traditions of the fathers altogether. Oh, no! Perish the thought! If we're honest with ourselves, a participant in such churches gets the feeling he's at just another world-sponsored 'show.' The multi-colored lighting, the flashing of cameras and lighting effects all add up to such. We finish, go home, and, well, that's it for another week. In the meantime we scarcely open our Bibles, if at all. Be honest! That's the way it comes down in the majority of professing believers' lives. 'Big government' church must be rejected and replaced with the necessities of a local church (Read the last verses of Acts 2). Such necessities are vital. But, when the superfluous is eliminated, much time, money and energy will immediately be saved. This will open the way for believers to step up and begin assuming the life of a Biblical Christian. What is such a life? We will proceed to prize and practice personal Christianity and DAILY WORSHIP. My church? It will change its philosophy about the very meaning and purpose of its existence. It will begin to aim its ministry toward the individual providing instruction and materials whereby believers can 'go-it-alone' because, when all is said and done, only so many hours can be carved out to be at church. Many believers have already decided too much church is too much church. Churches have decided the same. Services have been eliminated, BUT, instead of encouraging personal Christianity and providing instruction and educational materials to guide in such a life, a vacuum has been left and believers, tuned to the world's media, are becoming more and more secularized and their walk with God suffers terribly. Oh for the day when individuals are saying, "'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' And, day by day, I WILL WALK WITH GOD AND ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO!" "O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day" (Psalm 119.97). Do it!